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Sorter for World Witches characters. Pick your sources, and hit the Start button.

Click on the character you like better from the two, or tie them if you like them equally or don't know them.

Keyboard controls during sorting: H/LeftArrow (pick left) J/DownArrow (undo) K/UpArrow (tie) L/RightArrow (pick right) S (save progress).

Before sorting: S/Enter (start sorting) L (load progress).

1/2/3 always correspond to the first/second/third buttons.

Character Art: Shimada Fumikane, Brave Witches (Anime).
Symbology: Wikia Contributors
Background Art: Strike Witches Movie

June 2019 - Created site from execfera's original project.

September 19 - Added Africa Doujinshi girls, as well as Horbie and Yoshiko..